Liquefy announces partnerships with Infinity Group and Israel-China partnership platform Innonation on asset digitization

Liquefy, a technology solution that enables innovative business models through blockchain technology and digitization, has announced its partnership with Infinity Group, a China, Israel and US based cross border investment fund with over US$1.5bn in AUM yesterday; and Innonation, a platform that fosters cross border relationships between Israeli and Chinese entities.

These partnerships are aimed at transforming China joint venture model, by leveraging on blockchain technology to allow ease of transaction and greater transparency for cross-border assets and for promoting cooperation among Israeli, international and Chinese companies.

“Years of experience working on cross-border China deals have provided us with insights towards methods with greater likelihood for success when entering China,” says Amit Gal-Or of Innonation. “We believe that utilization of the blockchain can help these insights manifest to concrete models that can benefit the whole ecosystem.”

Liquefy Digitization Platform, the first product of Liquefy, will enable digitalization of a variety of asset classes, including but not limited to private companies, funds, real estate, and commodities. Digital securities will not only enable issuers to raise capital faster, easier and cheaper while unlocking liquidity for investors but can also create innovative business models by incentivizing key partners to contribute to the issuer’s business.

Liquefy’s partnership with Innonation and Infinity Group will enable a new type of joint venture model for Israeli private companies and funds entering the Greater China Region.

Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy

“We foresee many potential use cases for digitization and are excited to explore the joint venture structure as a form of market entry into China” said Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy. “Partnering with Infinity Group and Innonation gives us greater access to both the Greater China Region and Israel, the regional technology hub, and provides the opportunity for Israeli technology companies to incentivize domestic Chinese companies, unlocking liquidity, and obtaining funding from the Greater China region. We see this as a symbiotic partnership which can be fruitful for all parties over many years to come.

Liquefy and Innonation will collaborate on leading the initial batch of digitization projects for Israel technology companies and venture capital funds. Liquefy will be responsible for the technology stack while Innonation will provide strategic advisory and capital introduction. The first project is expected to be launched in 2Q 2019.