Say Hi to Taiwan ​: Good Place for STO?

We talk a lot about STO in recent years. For Asia market, Hong Kong and Singapore always comes to mind. But how about Taiwan? A column (Chinese only)from BlockTempo just gives a thought on it.

In regulatory standpoint, there are still uncertainty. It quotes comment from Wang Yung-hsin , the Director General of Securities and Futures Bureau, in which the large scale funding need approval from sandbox with persistent revision.

For the small scale funding, some officials said exemption may be adopted in some situation, by means of crowdfunding. Most people in local industry regard startup would be targeted to this sector, and SME do the big one respectively.

The column also reveals the SME, which takes the majority in Taiwan, with its financing problem under existing credit standard. Fan Chien-te, Professor and Director of Institute of Law for Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University said, a project like geothermal exploration is even more difficult with its risk and cost. And asset tokenization may be a solution to raise fund locally or remotely.

But it all depends on regulation, the FSC decision, so wait until June, and that time would be more details to clarify the situation.