STO Advisors


The agencies can provide advisory services like technology and legal advice. They also help the projects to market themselves.

North America​


Fluidity is pleased to provide technology services to registered broker-dealers, issuers and financial institutions for tokenized securities. Fluidity brings leading industry expertise to help incorporate AirSwap and blockchain technology into traditional capital markets transactions with regulated financial institutions.

New Alchemy

New Alchemy is a strategy and technology advisory group specializing in tokenization on the blockchain. One of the only companies able to offer a full spectrum of guidance from tactical technical execution to high-level theoretical modeling, New Alchemy provides technology, token game theory, smart contracts, security audits, and ICO advisory to the most innovative startups worldwide.

Start Engine

StartEngine is the leader in OPOs (Online Public Offerings). We help individuals invest in private companies on a public platform, thereby helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Our mission is to empower 5,000 companies to raise capital and create 1 million jobs in the next 5 years.


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Memorandum.Capital is a global investment advisory company focused on VC and STO fundraising for Tech Startups on Series A/B/C, Middle-sized Enterprises and Development Projects.
With a network of local representative offices in over 10 countries, Memorandum.Capital provides a full cycle support services for companies pursuing an STO, including legal and fundraising, taking on the same role as investment banks during an IPO.
Memorandum.Capital has been working in finance industry for over 50 years: the team’s portfolio is over $500 Million in VC & private equity and more than $4 Billion in public offerings.



Professional crypto ICO consultants who have technical expertise, are excellent at support and led by an elite team of managers. Providing a turnkey service to crypto projects based on Bancor or on the Ethereum Network.

security token lawyers is the collaborative brainchild of two the leading legal authorities on securities tokens, Ziv Keinan and Samuel Katz. Their firm applies its traditional knowledge of securities law with the growing blockchain ecosystem to give clients the depth of legal and business development advice they need when it comes to tokenization.